Chashu: Tender, slow cooked pork bely seared to order. Served over rice with ajitsuke tamago, japanese potato salad, and tsukemono. (Lunch Only) $12

Okonomiyaki: Osaka style okonomiyaki made with shredded cabbage and crispy cha shu. It is topped with Japanese mayo, tonkatsu sauce, furikake, katsuoboshi, more crispy cha shu, green onion, and shoga. $11

Ramen:  A delicate chicken and pork stock simmered for hours, flavored with your choice of tare. Each bowl is topped with cha shu, green onion, and ajitsuke tamago 

Cheeseburger: Giving a nod to Kenji Lopez-Alt, our "smashburger" is a classic 1/4lb. American cheeseburger. Served with pickles, onions, and your choice of thousand island or mayo-mustard sauce $7

  • Shoyu: A traditional aged shoyu tare with subtle seafood notes. $13
  • Miso: Rich and comforting our miso tare is perfect for chilly days. $16
  • Butteryaki: A contemporary shoyu tare finished with butter to smooth out the shoyu's sharpness. $13
  • Spicy Miso: Slightly spicy and amazingly flavorful, it is mild enough for most tastes. $15

Ice Cream: Flavors vary depending on when you come in!

Tori Bowl: A Yamato's classic. Sautéed shoyu, miso marinated chicken served over rice with ajitsuke tamago, Japanese potato salad, and tsukemono.  (Lunch only) $10